The Best DIY Face Masks for Every Skin Type

Face Masks

As we dive deeper into the world of beauty and skincare, the allure of homemade face masks has never been stronger. These DIY facial masks offer a practical, affordable, and customizable approach to skincare, allowing us to tailor treatments specifically to our unique skin needs. Whether we’re combating dry skin, battling acne, or simply looking to rejuvenate our complexion, there is a homemade face mask recipe to suit every skin type. Let’s explore some of the best DIY face masks and discover the perfect match for our skincare routine.


How to Achieve Salon-Quality Hair at Home

hair woman

Achieving salon-quality hair at home is an attainable goal for anyone willing to invest a little time and effort into their hair care routine. With the right products, techniques, and tips, we can all experience that luxurious, soft hair typically reserved for a professional salon visit. In this article, we will delve into essential tips and tricks for attaining the best at-home hair care. From shampooing to heat styling and beyond, let’s uncover how to make every day a great hair day.


The “Barefoot Running” revolution: Barefoot running, a risky or liberating trend?

running barefoot

In recent years, we have seen an upswing in the interest of barefoot running. Some people claim it to be a liberating experience that is natural and healthy for the human body. Others, however, warn of the inherent dangers associated with running barefoot, particularly in urban environments. As with many trends, the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. This article will delve deep into the barefoot running revolution, presenting you with all the facts you need to make informed decisions about your running habits.


“Beauty Fasting: Can cosmetic fasting really revitalise our skin?

radient skin

As we march through the 21st century, the term ‘fasting’ is no longer foreign to us. It’s a practice as old as time itself, ingrained deep within human culture. However, in recent years, fasting has transcended its traditional confines of dietary limitations and has spread into various other aspects of our lives. One such area of rapid growth is in the realm of skincare and beauty. Much like the way Ramadan prompts an inward reflection on the health of the body and soul, beauty fasting, or skin fasting, promotes the idea of giving our skin a break from the onslaught of products that we use daily. But can this really help revitalise our skin? Let’s find out together.


Case study: the unexpected benefits of knitting for the mind

ball of wool

Oftentimes, knitting is simply perceived as a pleasant pastime, a hobby for relaxation and creativity. However, a deeper dive into this art form reveals it offers much more than just the pleasure of creating something beautiful with your hands. Recent studies have highlighted the unexpected mental health benefits of knitting, making it a truly beneficial tool for the mind. From honing cognitive skills to improving mental wellness, knitting has proven to be an impactful practice.


Rethinking food: Mindful eating to transform your relationship with food

greek food

Eating is a basic human need, yet it has evolved into a complex and sometimes problematic aspect of modern life. The way we eat impacts not only our body and health, but also our emotional well-being and relationship with ourselves and others. With mindful eating, we can reclaim our relationship with food and turn every meal into an opportunity to nourish our bodies and minds. Let’s delve into the ways that mindful eating can help us transform our relationship with food,

promote a healthy diet, and ultimately, make us feel good about ourselves.


How does the Cold Shower Challenge boost mental and physical health?

The cold shower challenge, a phenomenon where participants replace their warm showers with cold ones for a set period, has lately swept across the world. This ritual, often adopted to promote discipline and mental resilience, is also found to have a range of health benefits. From improving blood circulation to alleviating skin conditions and boosting mental health, a cold shower might be the invigorating start to your day that you never knew you needed.


The surprising benefits of walking barefoot in an urban environment

woman walking barefoot in the street

In recent years, the practice of walking barefoot, otherwise known as ‘earthing’, has surged in popularity. For many of us, the thought of discarding our shoes and feeling the earth beneath our feet seems nostalgic, akin to the carefree days of our childhood. But is there more to this practice than just the whimsical connection to nature? Our ancestors walked barefoot for thousands of years, and recent studies suggest that reconnecting with this practice may offer a plethora of health and body benefits.


“Sound Bathing: Is sound immersion the new meditation?

In our mission to broaden wellness horizons, we’re delving into the world of sound bathing. We’ve all heard of meditation and yoga, but sound bathing, or sound meditation, is a relatively new concept to many of us. A form of sound therapy, these so-called “sound baths” have been steadily growing in popularity, gaining recognition for their potential health benefits. They are healing, immersive experiences that can help people tune into their bodies and minds in profound ways.


The resurgence of book clubs: our testimonials

book clubs

In an increasingly digital world, we have witnessed an unexpected, yet welcome, resurgence in the popularity of book clubs. A time-tested tradition, these groups serve as a sanctuary for bibliophiles, providing a platform to share and indulge in the joy of reading. Their revival can be attributed to the intrinsic human need for connection, coupled with our collective love for stories and the written word.


The ‘Slow Travel’ revolution: Travel less but better to enhance your well-being

slow travel

With the world still grappling with the impact of the pandemic, we have had time to reflect and reevaluate our approach to many aspects of life. Travel, once seen as a luxury or a means to escape, has now become a matter of intense public debate. The intrinsic need to explore new environments, meet different people and experience diverse cultures has been intertwined with concerns about health, social responsibility and sustainability. This has given rise to the ‘Slow Travel’ revolution, an idea that encourages us to travel less frequently but more meaningfully.


Wardrobe capsule: How minimising your wardrobe boosts your self-confidence

capsule wardrobe

The concept of a capsule wardrobe has been gaining popularity over recent years. It’s a minimalist approach to fashion that involves curating a small selection of clothes that match your personal style, are versatile and that you genuinely love to wear. By simplifying your closet, you save time, money, and energy, leading to an increase in self-confidence. This article is your definitive guide to creating your own capsule wardrobe.


Reinventing self-care: Why Sundays are the new Saturdays

woman in front of a mirror

In an era where people are constantly on the go, it’s crucial to remember the importance of self-care. With our lives becoming increasingly busy, we often find ourselves feeling overwhelmed and overworked. As life becomes more demanding, we’ve noticed a shift in the way people spend their weekends. More specifically, we’ve noticed that Sundays have become the new Saturdays for many. This article will explore this change and discuss why we believe Sundays are the best day of the week for self-care.


The rise of “Plogging”: Jogging while cleaning up the planet, the new fitness trend

group of people jogging and picking up litter

At a time when collective consciousness about environmental wellness is at an all-time high, a unique combination of fitness and environmentalism has emerged: plogging. This new fitness trend, born in Sweden and quickly proliferating globally, encourages people to pick up trash while out for a run. But what does this mean for fitness enthusiasts, the environment, and local communities?


How ancestral beauty rituals are making a comeback in our modern routines

woman applying cream

In the modern era where convenience is key, it’s fascinating to observe how the old and the traditional are making a grand comeback. This renaissance is not just limited to fashion or design elements but has permeated even into our daily beauty routines. An increasing number of people are gravitating towards age-old beauty rituals, embracing the wisdom of our ancestors and the power of natural ingredients.Let’s delve into how these ancient techniques are reviving in our contemporary world.


“Digital detox”: 3 active women have tested it and give us their point of view

man who locks up his digital devices

In this digital age where technology governs almost every aspect of our lives, it’s easy to become overly dependent on our devices. The constant use of technology, from our cell phones to laptops for work, can negatively impact our health and wellbeing. This article will share insights from three active women who decided to try a digital detox to address this concern, and their experiences might just convince you to do the same.


The Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Perfect Travel Bag

Travel bag

Backpacks, duffel bags, carry-on luggage, and more – when it comes to travel, choosing the right bag is essential. Whether you’re embarking on a weekend getaway or a month-long adventure, having the perfect travel bag can make all the difference. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the different types of bags available, essential features to consider, and provide you with tips for choosing the right travel bag for your needs.


How do I choose the right pair of jeans for women?

A pair of jeans for women

Jeans are an essential and versatile part of every woman’s wardrobe. It’s a garment we can wear to work, to a casual outing with friends or even on a date, depending on how it’s styled. However, with a plethora of cuts, sizes, colours and styles available on the market, choosing the right jeans can often be a daunting task.


What are the advantages of messenger bags?

A messenger bag

Messenger bags have gained a lot of popularity in recent years, with more and more people opting for this style of bag over traditional backpacks or shoulder bags. But what is it about messenger bags that make them so appealing?


Why opt for hair extensions?

The benefits of the hair extensions

Nature has endowed you with a magnificent head of hair, so you are one of the luckiest! For others with less keratin, don’t be discouraged.

Even if your natural hair does not allow you to have the hairstyle you dream of for the moment, there are alternatives. The installation of extensions is a good example.


Focus on skin pigmentation

pigmentation skin

Each skin type has its own characteristics. Skin tone, reaction to the sun and the way in which the skin copes with natural ageing are all variable. Understanding skin pigmentation makes it easier to identify skin-related conditions and to guide you towards appropriate treatments.


How to choose the right pepper mill ?

pepper mill

Pepper mills are essential gadgets in a bar or kitchen. They bring a touch of refinement and originality to your recipes. In addition to their usefulness, they are very practical little objects for adding an exotic touch to your dishes.


Skin pigmentation in beauty

skin pigmentation

The relevance of skin care is based on its ability to respond to specific needs. The issue of pigmentation is particularly worthy of consideration as it may reflect certain skin problems.


Understanding dental implants

dental implant

‘Implantology’ is the term we use to refer to the range of technologies and techniques associated with dental implants. Implantology is a rapdily growing area due to the fact that dental implants provide a way of maintaining the aesthetic appearance of teeth whilst at the same time preventing mastication and elocution related problems.


Five tips for a movie-star smile


It’s difficult to feel confident and self-assured when you can’t depend on your smile due to tartar, stains or other dental imperfections. However, this by no means impossible to fix, and a few simple steps is often all it takes to get that movie-star smile back again. (more…)

10 secrets to permanently remove dark circles

dark circles

There’s no better way to make you look gray and feel down! And yet, dark circles appear with great ease. We can say thank you – or not – to the fragility of the eye contour area. The stigmas of tiredness and the marks of stress and age settle in, taking the form of dark circles. If you are looking for effective solutions to overcome it, read on quickly! (more…)

How Does Interior Design Affect Our Health?

livingroom and kitchen made by an agency of designers

When it comes to choosing the interior design of your home, one thing that you might not consider is the fact that the design of your house or flat can actually have a direct impact on your health. However, studies have shown that there is actually a direct link between happiness and the design of the inside of your home. As well as affecting your mental health, the interior design of your home can also have physical implications, too. (more…)

5 foods that help with weight loss

healthy food

There isn’t such a thing as the ‘perfect’ diet, but if you’re searching for weight loss friendly foods, here is a list of the 5 key foods that are supported by science to help you lose weight (more…)

Denim Skirt: A basic must-have for your dressing room

denim skirt

There is a very good reason why denim has become a cornerstone of casual dressing. It’s not only comfortable and easy to wear, but it also goes with everything. This is why your dressing room absolutely must have a denim skirt as part of your wardrobe this summer. (more…)

Focus on anti hair loss treatments

chute cheveux

Everyone can be confronted with hair loss one day. It does not concern men and is not necessarily synonymous with leaking time! Both sexes may be involved, at different times in their lives, and alopecia (hair loss) may be due to special circumstances (fatigue, especially because of pregnancy or childbirth, very strict regime, emotional shock, stress, overwork …), or come from a hormonal imbalance (often with too dry scalp). (more…)

Zoom on baldness treatment


Baldness, which can affect both women and men (although they are much more affected by this problem of hair loss) is often poorly experienced. To see the skull appear where grew a beautiful hair is, indeed, not easy to admit because it participates in the beauty of the face. (more…)

My hair itches, what can I do ?

démangeaisons cheveux

If your hair is itching, you already know that capillary well-being is not an empty word. In the middle of an office meeting, during an important dinner or simply when you want to relax peacefully, you are seized with an irrepressible desire to scratch your head! (more…)

Focus on pharmaceutical outsourcing

cdmo pharmaceutical outsourcing

Outsourcing operations to specialised external service providers is a trend that is on the rise in the pharmaceutical industry. Contract manufacturers are a strategic partner that can intervene at all stages of pharmaceutical and production development.


Beach jewellery fashion this summer

ethnic jewelry

The fashion for 2015 will be excess: you need to clatter, jingle, we need to hear you from far away! You can gather ethnic jewelry, printed and colourful, crystals in every colour. Simplicity is the order of the day, and we’re getting out all our colourful, handmade, or charm bracelets, or just gold jewelry.

Whether they’re XXL or delicate, there’s something for everyone. Here are some ideas for jewelry that we’ll discover for summer 2015… (more…)

Tired ? Not us… It’s finished you will be back !

Green salad, cheese with walnuts and crunchy bread without gluten

Do you feel tetchy? Exhausted? Burn out? After that incredible plan you will beat the tiredness and feel so good in your daily life.

The less and lack of sleeping, after some weeks, is bad for the health. All day long, you work and loose some energy in company’s projects and in fitness center in your free time…


Oriental essential oils


Essential oils have become all the rage over the last few years. They are used for therapeutic purposes especially in aromatherapy. In the East, new varieties of essences with powerful therapeutic virtues have been discovered… (more…)

What are the best ways to lose weight

Eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day

I am going to share with you some of my tips to lose weight permanently. Losing weight is indeed a constant battle with yourself. You need to have determination and motivation,otherwise you won’t lose a single pound. So,all of a sudden we give up hope and we don’t know what to do. Here are some tips and techniques to lose weight effectively and permanently. (more…)