Why opt for hair extensions?

The benefits of the hair extensions

Nature has endowed you with a magnificent head of hair, so you are one of the luckiest! For others with less keratin, don’t be discouraged.

Even if your natural hair does not allow you to have the hairstyle you dream of for the moment, there are alternatives. The installation of extensions is a good example.

What is a hair extension?

Human hair extensions consist of synthetic hair or human hair to be attached to existing strands. Hairpieces, wigs, additions are alternatives to hair problems. The extensions or additions are available in weaving bands, with micro rings…

Taking into account their use, the extensions can be placed just in the extension of your own natural hair. You will be able to style them as you wish if you opt for clip-in extensions, to be attached to the hair itself or to the strand. The natural hair strand is carefully prepared for the installation of synthetic or natural hair extensions.

The benefits of a hair extension

More length and volume

Hair extensions offer endless styling possibilities: a denser head of hair (hair with more volume) … Clip-in extensions allow you to have a long and beautiful head of hair.

For damaged hair or any other type of hair, try synthetic or human hair extensions. If you suffer from hair loss, hair extensions are also a good alternative.

No need for colouring!

It is no longer necessary for you to colour your own hair. With hair extensions, you take the colour of your choice or you have your hair dyed after the installation of extensions.

You must, however, be careful not to damage your extensions (especially with clips).

A wide choice of hairstyles

Hair extensions allow your hairdresser to magnify your hair looks by using different techniques (weaving, wigs…). Blonde, red, brown… You can now have all imaginable types of hair colouring (brown, chestnut, blonde, red…) with your keratin or clip-in extensions.


Indulge yourself by asking your hairdresser to add more natural or synthetic highlights to your own hair. Sometimes, even with perfect hair, you just want to try a different style. Try a wig, extensions or weave strip… become more beautiful with hair extensions!