Focus on anti hair loss treatments

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Everyone can be confronted with hair loss one day. It does not concern men and is not necessarily synonymous with leaking time! Both sexes may be involved, at different times in their lives, and alopecia (hair loss) may be due to special circumstances (fatigue, especially because of pregnancy or childbirth, very strict regime, emotional shock, stress, overwork …), or come from a hormonal imbalance (often with too dry scalp).

In any case, because the capillary health is an important element of the daily well-being, it is necessary to react quickly. We all lose on average between 50 to 80 hairs, that’s life! But beyond that, it’s abnormal. To effectively stop hair loss, a wide range of products exist, and professionals can help you.

Why are we losing our hair?

Hair loss has many possible causes. For the man as for the woman, it can be linked to states of great tiredness or to be caused by a reaction to a particular event (emotional shock, anesthesia …). This reactional hair loss will occur two or three months after the trigger.

Seasonal changes, depression, anemia, medication may also cause or worsen hair loss. A true plague of our time, stress is also an important factor in alopecia. Stress and anxiety release certain hormones in the blood that will modify the hair cycle and accelerate the death of the hair.

Finally, a diet low in iron (present in red meat), vitamins B1, B2, B3 and zinc (bread, cereals …) can be the cause of a hair loss.

Certainly, to stop the fall, you can still use the traditional remedies of grandmother. It is possible to manufacture at various lotions. The best known are watercress (boil 20 minutes 100 grams of fresh watercress, 70g of nasturtium seeds and 100g of alcohol at 90 degrees, filter all in the colander, add a few drops of lavender and apply daily by massaging the scalp) or rosemary (boil 50 grams of rosemary leaves in 1 liter of water, filter, add 4 tablespoons of cider vinegar, and apply daily massaging).

But, without wishing to vex our delicious grandmother, the best, and what she would probably advise you now is probably to use products developed scientifically by biologists and chemists whose job it is, to save time and efficiency.

The first step on this modern path is probably to go for a capillary assessment in a specialized institute. A serious diagnosis will rely on the use of a capillary microscope, with analysis of a hair sample with root. Then you can be usefully advised on the treatment to be implemented and the products to use.

What are the treatments for not losing hair?

They are numerous. First there are shampoos and lotions. The dedicated shampoos are based on zinc, copper, and organic silicon, which have long been proven in the treatment of hair loss. Lotions will slow down the fall and strengthen the hair renewal process. They are usually based on specific components that help regulate sebum and hydrate the scalp, such as burdock and corn seed.

Of course, quality products will not contain parabens and dyes. These products will not stop the fall, but will slow down very significantly, and will ensure a healthy scalp. These are everyday products, to be used every day, in the long term.

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Fall protection treatments also include essential oils, bulbs and dietary supplements.

The essential oils of Lemon, Mint, Sage, Ylang-ylang, as well as Safflower oil are among the essences that strengthen the scalp and thus ensure tone to your hair. They are to be applied once a week, the day before a shampoo.

There are also boxes of ampoules specific for the scalp, whether dry or pellicular, to spread out line by line on the scalp and to massage. Rich in amino acids, trace elements and vitamin B6, this product is a shock treatment that will stimulate the scalp, in punctual use.

Finally, the nutritional supplements are rich in natural substances promoting the growth of a healthy hair (vitamins and specific minerals such as amino acids, vitamins B5 / B6 / B8, vitamins A / C / E, selenium, copper and zinc). The capsules (usually two) are to be taken simply in the morning, with a large glass of water, in treatment of two to three months.

All these products are obviously to use at home, at your own pace.

In a specialized institute, you can also benefit from scalp stimulation treatments. It is a draining massage, with application of essential oils, for a better oxygenation and vascularization of the scalp. This treatment lasts about three quarters of an hour.

In the best institutes, you can also benefit from specific devices based on the principle of stimulotherapy, which will help oxygenation and hydration of the scalp, the regulation of the sebaceous gland, to lead to curb the fall of hair. They are generally associated with a draining and relaxing massage, with application of essential oils.

A last word for these gentlemen, because the flight of time will still inexorably leave one day, appear a thinning in the beautiful hair of their youth … Calvity is not necessarily synonymous with ugliness and lack of attractiveness, ask these ladies what they think of Bruce Willis, or Zinedine Zidane!