Oriental essential oils


Essential oils have become all the rage over the last few years. They are used for therapeutic purposes especially in aromatherapy. In the East, new varieties of essences with powerful therapeutic virtues have been discovered…


Essential oils are used for perfume industry


Eastern delocalisation for extraction of essential oils

Certain organisations specialising in the extraction of essential oils have chosen to base their extraction and distillation factories in the Near and Middle East. Apart from the financial aspect of these delocalisations, the fertility of the land, proposing essences with powerful virtues is the main motivation. The north of our planet has been devastated by pollution so the land isn’t as rich as it was before. This is why investors are looking to the southern hemisphere in order to find new essential oils.

On those lands you essentially find oil of Frankincense and Myrrh. Reputed to help curing cancer thanks to their anti-inflammatory virtues, immune system stimulation, antiviral activity and sedative effect.

Returning to the roots of essential oils

 It is Ayurvedic medecine that first began to use essential oils.

It is on these lands that essential oils began to be used for therapeutic purposes. First in the middle and Far East, through Ayurvedic medicine. Later it’s in Saudi Arabia that the distillation techniques were developed. The people who took part in the crusades brought these techniques back from the West.

It is no surprise therefore if certain companies go back to the roots!


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    This is headed “Oriental Essential Oils”, but you do not provide a list of such oils !

  3. Jennifer Brown (Post author)

    Hello Kitty ! Oriental essential oil fragrances could be for instance:
    -Lemon grass
    -Lebanese cedar
    -And even incense
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