Five tips for a movie-star smile


It’s difficult to feel confident and self-assured when you can’t depend on your smile due to tartar, stains or other dental imperfections. However, this by no means impossible to fix, and a few simple steps is often all it takes to get that movie-star smile back again.

Tip-top dental hygiene

Your smile is primarily about your teeth. If they’re completely white, tartar-free and devoid of imperfections, you’ll naturally have confidence in yourself whenever you’re out in public. This is why oral hygiene is so fundamentally important.
Simply put, it prevents the day-to-day build up of dental plaque. Proper brushing also keeps the teeth bright and gleaming as well as ensuring your gums remain healthy. Brush three times a day and you’re already doing the essential when it comes to having a nice smile.

Anti-wrinkle exercises

Your teeth aren’t the only thing that contributes to your smile. There’s also the tone of your skin, which has an effect on the overall impression you create when you smile. To improve your skin tone, anti-wrinkle exercises are what you need to do, aka face yoga. This consists of little exercises and massages that you do on your own for a few minutes each day. The idea is to erase lines and wrinkles and restore firmness to the entire face by boosting the amount of collagen and elastin the skin produces. Your smile will be all the better for it.

Good quality toothpaste

A good smile is also about the whiteness of the teeth. The first step to take is to choose a toothpaste that’s effective in controlling dental plaque.
Though there’s a wide range of products available in supermarkets, it can also be worth seeking the advice of a pharmacist when it comes to finding the best toothpaste to suit you personally. The more high quality the toothpaste—and the toothbrush for that matter—the more you’ll be able to maintain your dazzling white smile over the long term.

Properly applied makeup

Your smile is the first thing people notice about you. However, it functions as part of a greater whole that includes more than just the smile, because what your smile highlights and draws attention to is your face. You therefore need to place as much importance on caring for your face as you do on looking after your teeth. This is why makeup is an essential step in the process. Though most women, generally speaking, are used to putting their makeup on in the morning, it can nevertheless still be worthwhile consulting a makeup specialist.
Perhaps you’ll learn new techniques you weren’t aware of; Perhaps the makeup specialist will suggest a new style that you’ll really like but wouldn’t have thought to try yourself. Feeling your makeup has been properly applied, furthermore, means feeling more beautiful and much more confident when it comes to enduring the gaze of others.

smile sign

The smile, one of the things people notice first about a person.

If you need to, make an appointment to see a dental surgeon.
Sometimes, despite your efforts with respect to oral hygiene or facial care, it all might not seem sufficient. In such circumstances, it’s often the teeth themselves that are the cause of the problem. Misaligned teeth, tobacco staining, painful gums–there can be many reasons for not feeling satisfied with the state of your mouth. But here again, the situation is not without solution. A dentist, especially one who specialises in cosmetic dentistry, will be able to suggest various ways of restoring your smile to its former glory. It’s quite possible for teeth to be repositioned, even in adults.
And even without beginning long-term treatment of this sort, a simple descaling can sometimes work wonders where eliminating natural stains is concerned. Descaling, polishing, whitening, filing: specialist dentists have a wealth of expertise and procedures at their disposal when it comes to giving you back that movie-star smile you’ve always had.
Because smiling is contagious, it would be a shame not to take the first step by following these tips, which, though simple, will have a positive and beneficial effect on your daily life.