Five tips for a movie-star smile


It’s difficult to feel confident and self-assured when you can’t depend on your smile due to tartar, stains or other dental imperfections. However, this by no means impossible to fix, and a few simple steps is often all it takes to get that movie-star smile back again. (more…)

10 secrets to permanently remove dark circles

dark circles

There’s no better way to make you look gray and feel down! And yet, dark circles appear with great ease. We can say thank you – or not – to the fragility of the eye contour area. The stigmas of tiredness and the marks of stress and age settle in, taking the form of dark circles. If you are looking for effective solutions to overcome it, read on quickly! (more…)

Focus on anti hair loss treatments

chute cheveux

Everyone can be confronted with hair loss one day. It does not concern men and is not necessarily synonymous with leaking time! Both sexes may be involved, at different times in their lives, and alopecia (hair loss) may be due to special circumstances (fatigue, especially because of pregnancy or childbirth, very strict regime, emotional shock, stress, overwork …), or come from a hormonal imbalance (often with too dry scalp). (more…)

My hair itches, what can I do ?

démangeaisons cheveux

If your hair is itching, you already know that capillary well-being is not an empty word. In the middle of an office meeting, during an important dinner or simply when you want to relax peacefully, you are seized with an irrepressible desire to scratch your head! (more…)

Oriental essential oils


Essential oils have become all the rage over the last few years. They are used for therapeutic purposes especially in aromatherapy. In the East, new varieties of essences with powerful therapeutic virtues have been discovered… (more…)