How to choose the right pepper mill ?

pepper mill

Pepper mills are essential gadgets in a bar or kitchen. They bring a touch of refinement and originality to your recipes. In addition to their usefulness, they are very practical little objects for adding an exotic touch to your dishes.

What is a pepper mill and what is it used for ?

Today, most dishes are prepared using a pepper mill. They come in many forms. Depending on the type of product chosen, it will be more or less effective in spreading the pepper. There are two types of pepper mills: percussion and friction.

The difference between the two types of mills is that one works by pressure and the other by friction. The amount of pepper that is precipitated depends on the type of use. The difference between the two types of mills is therefore enormous. That is why it is important to know what type of use you will make of it before making your choice.

Why buy a pepper mill ?

Pepper is a very common ingredient in the kitchen. It comes in different forms and can be used for different purposes. Black pepper is used to season dishes. White pepper is used to decorate dishes. Cayenne pepper is excellent for spicing up spicy dishes.

The use of a pepper mill can be very practical. It reduces the amount of pepper used to season a dish. In addition, pepper precipitated by a pepper mill is much easier to use than unprecipitated pepper. For pepper to be precipitated, the peppercorns must be ground between the teeth of the pepper mill.

They are available in various forms. There is the classic pepper mill, the hand pepper mill or the electric pepper mill. Although the first two options are cheap, they still have some disadvantages.

What are the criteria for choosing a pepper mill ?

Before deciding which type to buy, it is important to choose the peppercorn you want to use. It must be adapted to the pepper you have chosen. You can now find products for all kinds of pepper.

The type of pepper mill (manual, electric, automatic)

It depends on the use you want to make of it. If you want to use your pepper mill for occasional use, then it is better to opt for the electric pepper mill. This type of pepper mill is often more powerful and reduces the time needed to prepare the pepper. If you need to use your pepper mill several times a day, it is better to choose a manual or automatic model.

The materials

The choice of the pepper mill should be based on the materials used in its manufacture. The pepper mill must be made of materials that will not alter the taste of the pepper. Therefore, wooden, marble or stone pepper mills are also a good option.

The style

Choose the pepper mill according to your cooking style. You can choose between modern or traditional. If you are a fan of integrated kitchens, then opt for a modern pepper mill. The modern one is also more practical, as it can be placed on a shelf or in a cupboard.

To make your choice, simply take into account the selection criteria we have listed above.