5 foods that help with weight loss

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There isn’t such a thing as the ‘perfect’ diet, but if you’re searching for weight loss friendly foods, here is a list of the 5 key foods that are supported by science to help you lose weight when paired with an effective weight loss plan:

Pistachios can help you shed the pounds at a much faster rate when included in your diet thanks to their high protein, fiber, and healthy fats content. The fats in these nuts are the unsaturated, heart-healthy type.
Mushrooms are an ideal substitute for meat because of their rich meaty texture and taste. While trying to reduce body fat, it’s always a great idea to cut the amount of meat that you consume.
Yogurt is great for not only helping with weight loss but also for maintaining weight as people age. Thanks to its healthy gut flora and beneficial probiotics, it’s one of the foods most commonly linked with faster and more consistent weight loss.
Oat Bran has many benefits that assist in weight loss including its high fiber content which helps to keep you feeling full for longer and assists in speedy elimination. Oat bran also absorbs fats in the body.
Olive Oil can help you lose more body weight due to its monounsaturated nature which helps to relieve hunger and suppress your appetite by signaling to your brain that you’re full.